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Who we are

We are a company committed to the safety of our world.

We are a company committed to the safety of our world. We are a team of young minds with skills ranging from Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Cognitive Processing, Data Mining. With our variety of skills we come up with products that are versatile and meet our customers' need. Numbers is an award winning company as it has the crown of being among the top 20 startup in southern Nigeria under the South-South Innovation Hub. We exhibit an innovative spirit and this is seen in the solutions we offer.


What we do

We are a technological company using Computations and Machine Intelligence to provide Security of products and services.

We are a technological company using computation and machine intelligence to provide security of products and services. Criminal activities happen to be a serious problem affecting us as a nation and the entire world. We have product ranging from hardware and software. We deploy technologies like Machine learning, facial recognition, intelligence surveillance, traffic control and determination, to keep you safe etc. The world is changing and we are changing the use of traditional solutions and embracing the contribution computers can make to create a safer world.

With the massive amount of data generated per minute and the developmental strides been made in the world of computer science creating greater computer power and speed. We deploy this resources at our disposal in-order to understand the society better and present effective solutions that solves our problem of insecurity.



We offer services which includes long term business deals and short terms deals with our clients

Numbers Lite

Numbers light are contract based projects and services that provide technological customization based on client’s need with designs ranging from

  • Predictive Policing
  • Autonomous fighter Jets Fleet
  • Submarine Surveillance
  • IOT
  • Robotics and Military Defense Technologies
  • Numbers Pie

    Using Close Circuit Graphical User Interface (CCGUI) with Surveillance Smart Cameras (SSM) on Fleet Vehicles, Drones, Homes & Street applications we provide Safety

  • Vehicle tracking with 24/7 Video live feeds with mobile/web application integration
  • Tracking Determination from miles radius
  • Emergency Contact Solutions
  • Situation Analysis for Accident and Crime Prediction
  • Collision Alert
  • Meet the team

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    Ikponmwoba Eloghosa Anderson
    Interim Chief Executive Officer
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    Samuel Daniel
    Chief Technology Officer
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    Nwasor Derick
    Founder & Project Lead